Welcome to Maranatha Books and More!

Welcome to Maranatha Books and More! I’m glad you stopped by.

We have many family friendly resources and hope to add even more in the coming days. Feel free to browse! I had a host problem at the beginning of the year that erased the accounts for people who have had a login. In addition I was just informed that one of my add-ons from wordpress was preventing anyone from making an account. I think it is resolved now. The website has been on auto-pilot for a few months, but I am back now and will backup and update more frequently now. I will try to send out a monthly newsletter for my subscribers. Note: I do not collect personal information on this website. I will not sell or give out email addresses to any third party. Thanks for those who have bookmarked my page and are return guests. I am grateful to you all. I am also grateful to all the new visits I get each day! I will be working on more free resources. If nothing else I hope you will be encouraged when you visit my website.


Thanks for reading!


Cindy Barnett

Maranatha Books and More